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Conveying a sense of realism and authenticity has always been a challenge. Discerning between actuality and fabrication seems to have become difficult. It’s not just about making a photograph. It’s about wholly experiencing a unique place in unique conditions and appreciating how rapidly those conditions can change. When I make a photograph, I strive to consider every element of the landscape. Certainly the light and composition, but also how I feel when I take the photograph. I attempt to communicate those emotions through every one of my shots.

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I experience the world in many ways, my favorite of which is walking. Walking through forests, wildernesses, alpine meadows, through snow, over creeks, near waterfalls, along the beach, over bluffs, up mountains, and even down city streets. How I perceive these places seems to be with a sense of naivety, as if I’m the one seeing it for the first time. It has to be thoroughly explored! I have to take my time, be observant to the intricacies of the place. How these places can look completely different with a simple change, like how the light is touching it.

Enduring Wilderness Landscapes

Being in a wild place, experiencing its fleeting beauty is certainly therapeutic. I strive to document these experiences as accurately as I can with the intent of enabling you to enjoy the same stress-relief.

Outdoor Project

I have been an award winning, pro contributor for since late 2014. Many of my photographs are featured in the published adventures. I also write posts enabling browsing members to have all the information they need to visit and enjoy the places I have been. I have chosen to contribute to Outdoor Project because we share many values. Visitors to our fragile landscapes will continue to rise. Having this library of places helps these visitors to be prepared. The Leave No Trace principles and personal safety are highly stressed.

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I print on many different mediums, my favorite being metal. Printing a vibrantly colored image directly on aluminum presents a feeling of dimension and has realistic contrast. It is also simple to display directly on the wall without a frame or glass. I use printers who provide the finest quality of materials. If there is something specific you would like done with your print, please let me know.

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There are many images I have here. Take your time with them, come back and look some more, look again. If you relate to a scene on a personal level, let me know by leaving a comment. Tell me what you think about your print by leaving a review. Give me criticism and corrections. Ask me to take a photo of a specific place. Create a wishlist of your favorite photos so that you can come back and easily decide on one you’d like to own.


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Keep close to Nature’s heart

And break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.

– John Muir

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